What to Do When an Oral Emergency Occurs

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Do you know what to do if a crisis arises and an oral emergency occurs? Have you laid out definitive game plans to protect your teeth and gums should the worst happen? Although it is always important to seek immediate medical attention, the steps you take in the interim can make the difference in a lengthy recovery or a short stay on the disabled list.

Common oral emergencies arise when you bite your lip and tongue. Although this may not seem like all that big of a deal, the wound must still be dealt with and cleaned and washed to ensure bacterial infection will not occur. Wash your mouth out with plain water and keep the wound clean. Apply a gauze pad until the bleeding subsides. In some cases, the wound may be too deep and stitches from a doctor will be a necessity.

In some instances, wounds will not occur to your gums, but rather your teeth. If a tooth is knocked out, it can spell permanent disaster for your natural smile. However, it is important to remember that the tooth may yet be inserted back into your mouth. Gather up the tooth or bits of tooth and soak them in a tooth-saving solution such as milk or Save-A-Tooth until it can be reinserted by your dentist.

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