Periodontitis Can Influence Other Medical Conditions

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Gum disease afflicts an estimated 47% of the adult population over the age of thirty. While seniors are at a higher risk of severe gum disease, it can also occur at a younger age, if you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits. Gum disease often starts out as gingivitis causing red or inflamed gums that might bleed easily after brushing and flossing. This might also include chronic bad breath.

Without professional diagnosis and treatment at Dr. Sudi Rafieian’s Chicago, Illinois clinic and improvements in your oral hygiene routine, the infection in your gum tissues can worsen. Eventually it will develop into the most dangerous form of gum disease known as periodontitis.

This level of infection can cause your gums to pull back from the base of your teeth forming pockets of infection near the roots of your teeth. In time, this can even lead to a loss of structure in the bones that anchor your teeth in your mouth.

Ongoing research has also found a relationship between periodontitis and other medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease. While it can’t cause these conditions, gum disease can heighten symptoms and limit treatment options.

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