Information About Dental Implants

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Missing teeth can make a person appear less attractive and professional. But missing teeth can cause other problems as well. Those empty spaces give plaque and bacteria a place to accumulate, which can cause gum disease and other problems. Additionally, those empty places will give your remaining teeth a chance to drift out of alignment.

Over the years, dental implants have become a very popular method for restoring your smile. With implants, your dentist will set titanium posts in your jaw, and your replacement teeth will be attached to those posts. The human body usually reacts very well to the titanium, and because the posts are set in your jaw, the bone grows around them. This not only helps to hold the implant in place but increases the strength of your jaw.

While implants are popular and effective for restoring missing teeth, you should talk with your dentist before deciding to move ahead with them. For implants to work well for you, your gums need to be healthy and there must be enough bone in jaw to support the implants. You must be committed to taking good care of your teeth and gums, especially at the implant site. Certain medical conditions and medications may mean implants are not for you. After an examination and consultation, your dentist may suggest mini-implants, or another tooth-restoration option

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