Effective Flossing Is Essential for Preventing Tartar Buildup

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A consistent oral hygiene habit of brushing your teeth each morning and night, as well as remembering to thoroughly floss at least once each day is essential for removing bacterial matter from your mouth. Any inconsistencies in these practices can allow residual plaque and food particles in your mouth, which could potentially harden into tartar near the gumline.

As this starts to occur it can significantly increase your chances of suffering periodontal inflammation and gum disease.

Inconsistent flossing or an ineffective flossing technique is often afoot with periodontal health problems. It’s important to note that the execution of your technique is also a factor. Simply inserting the strand of dental floss between two teeth might not be sufficient for physically removing all bacterial deposits.

When flossing you need to be mindful to carefully insert the strand of dental floss then gently curve it into a C-shape. With some of your larger teeth, it might take multiple passes to thoroughly the spaces between them. You can then work the strand carefully into the gumline to remove any stray bacterial matter in that area.

If you have tightly spaced teeth or dental work, you might want to try using waxed dental floss. The special coating helps slide the strand between teeth without risking excessive force that could snap the strand into your gums.

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