Toothache Pain Requires Timely Treatment

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Pain within a tooth or deep within the underlying gums can certainly be distressing. Often referred to as a toothache, this condition is often related to an untreated cavity, dental trauma or a failing dental filling that affects the sensitive core of the tooth. Without timely treatment from our dentists, Dr. Sudi Rafieian or Dr. Marshall Olech, the toothache can continue to worsen. This could result in more serious complications, including a dental abscess, tooth loss, or severe pain.

After the dentist has assessed the severity of the problem they will present you with the most viable treatment strategy. This may call for the dentist to perform a root canal to remove any distressed or traumatized tissue from the exterior and interior of the tooth and clean the inside of the tooth. Once this is done the dentist will replace the pulp with a special material which is known as gutta-percha. The dentist may suggest protecting the tooth with a dental crown. After your crown has been created, the dentist will cement it in place with a strong dental grade adhesive. This will complete the treatment process to restore the natural and comfortable function of the tooth.

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