Discover Your Hidden Smile with Gum Disease Treatments

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Numerous oral health conditions and diseases can sneak up on you without you even being on aware of it. Similarly to how bruxism can occur while you sleep, it may be possible for gum tissue infection to go underneath your radar. Thus, it is important to always do detailed inspections of your oral health to determine if diseases such as gum disease are present.

Always inspect your gums to determine if any symptoms or indications of gum disease are present. This includes always being alert to any symptoms of bleeding gums while eating or implementing any oral health care routines. If there’s any blood spotting while brushing or flossing, it may be a sign of an infection of your gums.

Treating gum disease often comes with spotting gum disease. Take note of any painful sensations you may feel when eating.  In addition, if you have any possible sores present on your teeth and gums, or you frequently suffer from bad breath despite numerous treatments being used, gum disease may be at fault.

If you’re suffering from any signs of tooth recession, it means your gums are pulling away from your teeth. This often occurs due to oral health ailments in your smile typically associated with gum disease. If your teeth are extra moveable and moving around, or out of position, it could be a sign of infected gums that resulted in gum recession and tooth slippage.

The pinnacle of oral health and a super smile is possible with gum disease treatments. If you are seeking treatment for gum disease treatments, we are here to help you. For a thorough diagnosis and treatment, please contact Chicago Bright Smiles to set up an appointment with Dr. Sudi Rafieian and our team at our dentist office in Chicago, Illinois by calling us at 312-642-5107. We want to make sure your smile thrives for many years come!